Love Your Life Workshop – Online


In this workshop you will:

  • Learn simple yet transformative techniques that with practice can dramatically improve your life.
  • Develop and nurture your relationship with yourself as the catalyst to lasting and profound change.
  • Gain insight into the power of your thoughts and words.
  • Develop awareness of current thought patterns and self talk that may be holding you back.
  • Transform experiences that currently hold you back into something that sets you free.
  • Explore the role criticism, fear, guilt and resentment play in blocking you from living the life you want.
  • Learn how self-approval and self-acceptance can be the key to positive change.
  • Explore the gift of freedom that forgiveness can bring.

The workshop is not recorded so attendance on both days is essential.

Date: TBC

Sessions will run as follows on both days:

09.30am – 11.00am

11.30am – 13.00pm

14.15pm – 15.30pm

16.00pm – 17.00pm