"Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are"
— Chinese Proverb

Public Speaking by Eileen Clair

Eileen Clair is a renowned inspirational speaker who presents with sincerity and love. It is because of her ability to come from a place of genuine understanding that she is able to inspire and touch the hearts of all those who listen. Her sincerity exists because she lives by her believes every day and it is with powerful integrity that she shares her message with others.

Eileen has worked with groups where feelings of hopelessness and despair were common, yet she consistently empowers people to take responsibility for their lives in order to create positive change. She firmly believes that a joyful life is available to all, regardless of their current or past experiences.

To book Eileen for speaking engagement please contact the centre.


“Eileen creates a lovely relaxed safe atmosphere just by being present.  She is natural, unassuming with an authentic approach and gives you the tools to find your own power.  She opens something up in you, gets you thinking and gives you confidence you never thought you could have” – Marion


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