"Only when we learn to love and accept ourselves can we make amazing changes to our lives."
— Louise L. Hay

Bio-Resonance Medicine

Each of us has a unique ability to heal ourselves. At the Holistic Therapy Centre, we use our bio-resonance machine to assess your ability to do just that.

When you visit us, we …

  • Evaluate your physical, emotional and psychic imbalances
  • Identify organs under stress in your body
  • Prescribe natural remedies and supplements to correct your imbalances
  • Recommend dietary changes to cleanse your digestive tract
  • Restore balance and harmony to your system

Whether you’re dealing with an old injury, hormonal imbalance, low energy or stress, we support you in your journey back to full health, regardless of your age or medication.


Do you feel that some foods suit you better than others? Find out why. Let our qualified holistic therapist assess your vitamin and mineral levels. Our practical advice and minor dietary adjustments can make all the difference to you – and your health.

Let us use
Bio-Resonance to:

  • Detect those parasites
  • Locate the problem
  • Treat it with remedies, diet, lifestyle adjustments and nutritional supplements
  • Restore you to full health and wellbeing

You will wonder why you suffered for so long!

Hair Testing

Can’t come visit us? No problem – use our hair-testing service. All you have to do is send us a sample of your hair. We test it for you and send you your results by post, along with any appropriate remedies.

Allergy Testing

Our belief is that if your system is toxic or you suffer parasite infestation these need to be addressed first, they affect the function of the liver and can cause allergic type reactions. This often reduces the need for a long list of items to be avoided. Most people only suffer mild intolerances to products and foods and if liver function is improved overall harmony is restored.

We find that allergy testing is not necessary in a large number of cases but food intolerance testing is included as part of your Bio-Resonance test at no extra charge.

Anti-Parasite Programme

Are you feeling sluggish and over-tired? Always sniffling with a cold? Reacting badly to particular foods for no good reason?

It could be that you are host to unwelcome worms, or even some foul flukes – parasites don’t just confine themselves to the animal kingdom! When they take hold, parasites can damage your body in many ways. They destroy cells faster than they can regenerate, resulting in perforation, ulceration and anaemia.

They also release toxic substances that stimulate your immune system and can produce allergic-type reactions causing you pain and inflammation, particularly in your intestine, pancreas and bile ducts. Don’t allow yourself to be colonised!

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